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Over his career, Dan Judd has honed his written talent on a diverse range of subjects, from soap opera shenanigans to how to make a home. If you have a project you need content for, do get in touch.

The transient nature of the web means that a lot of Dan Judd’s work has disappeared, but here are a selection or articles that are still available.


Courting Controversy

Lensing in Lewes

Interview: Julie T Wallace

Location, Location, Location – Sussex on film

How to Research Your Family Tree

How not to fall for a scam date this Valentine’s

How to conquer the housing crisis

It’s Murder in Seaford

Creative writing

Dan Judd is also a member of the creative writing group Bourne to Write. Here is a selection of his fiction.

While the Light Lasts

Shadows on the Wall

Mr Cellophane

New Moon Rising

Last Orders

Cards on the Table

Bad Jam and Nibbled at Lettuces

Fortune and the Brave

A Bolt to Boultbee

The Time is Now

Caught in a Moment

Climbing the Slanging Tree

Tide and Time